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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #9 | Emmanuel, the best international graduate in the Czech Republic

Emmanuel Selase Asamoah, a graduate of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, is one of the most successful international graduates in the Czech Republic.

In 2020, he received the Award from the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research, which announces this reputable contest annually. He is currently employed at the University of Professional Studies in Accra as the Dean of the Faculty of IT & Communication Studies. He has also worked as a consultant to the UN in the sphere of investment opportunities in Ghana and is also a mentor to and legal representative of disadvantaged children and women in Ghana.

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #8 | My passion is cricket, says Ashish Matta

Ashish Matta is a New Delhi-born polymer specialist, cricket player and currently a Ph.D. student at Faculty of Technology.

As a vegetarian, what does he think about Czech cuisine? What is injection moulding? Does he like Czech movies?

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #7 | Meet the real Shakira, an always-smiling student from India!

Shakira Khan is a Master’s student of Marketing Communication at Faculty of Multimedia Communications.

Is marketing communication an alchemy? What is the common misinterpretation of Bata company in India? Is she afraid of artificial intelligence taking over jobs from marketing specialists? Does she like „Jízda králů“?

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #6 | Bohdan, a Czech Government scholarship holder from Ukraine

Bohdan Volodymyr Berezhnyy is a Master´s student of Polymer Engineering at Faculty of Technology. Last year he was awarded a Czech Government scholarship that enabled him to study at TBU in Zlín.

Why does he use a left hand frequently, and what does he like to do to improve the harmony of his mind and body? What is his opinion on the war in Ukraine?

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #5 | Amanda, a Bostonian artist with love for (Czech) glassmaking

Amanda Lee is a Fulbright student studying at Faculty of Multimedia Communications. What is her relationship to Czech glassmaking culture? How could you use a welding torch and beer bottles to make art? Does she like Termix?

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #4 | Meet Tony Vychodil, a triple citizenship holder

Antonín (Tony) Vychodil was born in the Philippines and raised in the USA. He currently lives in Zlín, where he studies Intelligent Systems with Robots at Faculty of Applied Informatics. How did he end up in Zlín? Does he see any cultural differences between Czech and US culture? What does he love about his studies?

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #3 | How TBU fueled Taha Jumaah’s passion for Environmental Engineering

Taha Jumaah is a Master’s student of Environmental Engineering originally from Bagdad, Iraq. Why did he choose Zlín over Brno? What are the environmental issues in Iraq, and what are biofuels? Does he like Czech beer?

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HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #2 | My only religion is science, says Shweta Gautam

Shweta Gautam is a Ph.D. student of Food Technology whose only religion is science. How does a woman from the multi-million city of Delhi end up in Zlín? What are the antioxidants, and why are they important to our body? Can they slow our ageing? We have discussed that and much more in this episode. Check it out!

HOMO COSMOPOLITAN #1 | Has Bruce Dehning found a key for happiness?

Bruce Dehning, a former Fulbright scholar and research collaborator with the Faculty of Management and Economics, talked with us about his most crucial career point, a key to happiness and his strong connection to the Czech Republic.

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